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Our Vaccine Team

The last couple of years have shone a light on the importance of getting vaccines to market quickly and efficiently and extending fair access to all.

Without compromising safety, our Vaccine Team can provide fast-track services to bring important protective biopharma products to market at speed. Our clients range from large and mid-sized pharma organizations, and biotech start-ups, to state institutions, non-profit organizations and academia.

Expediting access to the latest protection

Our team’s extensive expertise in vaccine and other biopharmaceutical regulations helps our clients get to market efficiently.

We support pharma/biotech clients at all stages of development — from securing funding, partnering, CMC, non-clinical, clinical development all the way to successful fast-track approvals.

We’re also helping to shape the regulatory landscape through the development of new concepts and solutions designed to expedite global access to the latest public health safeguards.

You’re safe in our hands

Our Vaccine Team comprises specialist virologists, vaccinologists, molecular biologists, and leading former regulators with a rich understanding of infectious disease, as well as public health/health policy needs and expectations.

This vast pool of in-house knowledge means we’re able to efficiently create a precise vision of how the CMC, non-clinical and clinical development of novel vaccine technologies can be optimally blended with smart regulatory solutions worldwide.

“We’re primed to share our knowledge and to support developers to rapidly take their solutions to the market.”

– Dr. Michael Pfleiderer, Lead Scientist, Biopharma Excellence

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