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Regulatory agencies globally provide numerous opportunities for sponsors to engage with them during the development process. We’ll help you access the right advice on significant scientific, technical or clinical issues, or to simply check alignment with regulatory agency expectations.


We’ll help you secure constructive regulatory agency feedback early in the development process–or as appropriate, as issues or queries arise. By facilitating valuable discussions from an early stage, we’ll help ensure alignment on these and other key aspects of the development program, to maximize the outcomes.


Getting the most out of agency meetings


We’ll make sure you maximize regulatory agency interactions, ensuring strong alignment and efficient progress from development to market access. Our experts can support all aspects of agency interaction–from strategy development to briefing book preparation. We can also take the lead in regulatory agency meetings.

We understand what it takes to navigate clinical and regulatory complexity and deliver new products to the market, and can help field questions and avoid issues, optimizing time and resources. We’ll ensure that each clinical and regulatory strategy, and every agency interaction, fits the target patient population and indication to maximize regulatory success.


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