Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at Biopharma Excellence we work to support dynamic biopharma companies to bring innovative new therapies to market in the smartest and safest way possible.

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Our Policy


Our ethos is to provide world-class solutions that enable biopharma companies, regulators, health authorities and investors to confidently optimize the market potential of cutting edge biotech innovation.

It is this commitment coupled with the acknowledgement of the impact our business model has on the world, that defines our corporate social responsibility strategy. It is of vital importance that we not only take responsibility for our actions as a company but invest in our future as a community. It is for that reason that we have chosen to support a number of causes both globally and locally to ensure we are able to make an impact where it is most needed.


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How we give back


We recognize the importance of the role we can play in supporting worthy causes across the world.

Having the ability to invest in sustainable environmental and social wellbeing is an important part of our attitude to business as well as helping to reinforce our values. We are focusing our efforts on initiatives that revolve around education, empowerment and inclusivity and sustainability. These complement our existing goals which amongst others focus on environmental-friendly support and equal opportunities for our staff and external contacts.


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    We are now Cencora PharmaLex 

    PharmaLex is now part of Cencora, a leading global healthcare company with a foundation in pharmaceutical distribution. In 2024 and beyond PharmaLex and all the companies in PharmaLex family will begin a journey to becoming Cencora as well. Cencora brings the companies and services together under one new name. The name will change, but the level of attention and service you receive remains the same.  

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