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Whether your specialism is vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, small molecules, personalized medicines, or medical devices, our 40-strong data science and statistics team will help you understand and address the expected data analytical deliverables at every stage of development, smoothing regulatory submissions.


From discovery and toxicology studies to clinical operations, to the product, process, and analytical development and manufacturing sides of drug development, our experts will help you apply flexible designs and ad-hoc data analysis.

We can help with the design of experiments, appropriate/state-of-the-art statistical modelling, and strong reporting. Quality by Design and predictive modelling are at the center of our expertise.


Empowered by hard evidence


Our integrated data science solutions span consultancy, programming/digitalization, software development and training, addressing:

  • Early understanding of processes – leading to more successful batches
  • Quality-by-Design solutions in line with regulatory expectations – leading to faster time to market
  • Leveraging/generation of strong data to support manufacturing
  • Smart clinical trial design, including also challenging developments like for ultra-orphan conditions
  • Scientific team training – so your people can navigate the statistical challenges and develop and have confidence in their own knowledge & solutions
  • Tailored software solutions – substantially accelerating data analysis and reporting, while ensuring full compliance with regulatory guidance


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