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All the best plans start with the end in mind. In drug development, that’s the target product profile–a tool for regulatory communication–and we’ll help you define this early on, avoiding issues later.


Developing a target product profile with clear commercial goals in mind helps balance the ideal product description, a minimal accepted product description, and something in between–closely resembling your eventual product label. We’ll help you outline the desired ‘profile’ or characteristics of your product.


Efficiency through clarity


During strategy workshops we’ll work with you to develop a clear vision that supports the design, conduct, and analyses of clinical trials, towards a smoother path for overall development.

We’ll help you steer internal processes and direct resources, saving money and time. The process will be an invaluable step in providing guidance for investors and upper management, too, as well as regulators.

We understand that your target product profile, by necessity, will be a highly dynamic document which evolves over time, so we’ll allow for that from day one.


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