Selection of In-Vivo and In-Vitro Models

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Once identified, your target compound or therapy will need to be fully validated using in-vitro and in-vivo testing techniques, and our experts will help you determine the most appropriate model.


We’ll work with you to identify, outline and plan appropriate in vitro and in vivo studies to address pharmacology, safety and toxicology, keeping in mind that in vitro data can deliver useful information downstream in the development process. We can also help with the development of non-clinical safety programs designed specifically for advanced/cell and gene therapy products, involving a mix of in vitro and in vivo assessments.


Finding the right model for you


Many innovative medicines require a tailored non-clinical safety assessment program. Our specialists have considerable experience in translating treatment concepts into product development programs that are accepted by regulatory authorities. We are solution focused, cost conscious and thrive on solving problems.

In addition to our depth of experience across multiple different product types, we have a large pool of experienced experts to contribute to client projects.


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