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The Biopharma Excellence team has deep experience with cell and gene therapies and is working hand in hand with us to help realize our ambitious vision.

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Navigating the international regulatory landscape
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The Science Huddle: 20 years of Biosimilars: Are We on the Right Track?

September 27th 2023 from 3:30-4:30 pm CET, 2:30-3:30 BST

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Bridging the Biotech / Regulator Divide


We help dynamic biopharma companies bring innovative new therapies to market in the smartest, smoothest and safest way possible.

We work closely with biopharma businesses, international regulators and health authorities, and potential investors, to confidently optimize the market potential of cutting-edge biotech innovation.

Our team is a fusion of three scientific powerhouses, Pharmalex, ERA Consulting and Biopharma Excellence – under the PharmaLex brand.  We combine 35+ years of empirical experience and respected regulator relationships.





Health Authorities

Biopharma Excellence are pioneers. They’re one of the first ‘recognizable names’ in this industry. They bring entrepreneurial spirit.
Senior Vice President, Pioneer Engineered iPSC
Something that really sets Biopharma Excellence apart is its people. They’re scientists, but much more than that.
Senior Vice President, CMC, Gene Therapy Company
The team at Biopharma Excellence are powerful story-builders and story-tellers. They write submissions regulators WANT to read.
Chief Executive Officer, Large Molecule Biotech Company

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Sharing insights, questioning norms, asking the right questions - we'll never lose sight of what you're striving for. Our insight and expertise will help you bring the most innovative therapies within reach of patients around the world.
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Cell & Gene Therapy: Maximizing Commercialization Potential

How to Navigate the Less Obvious Barriers to Brining Advanced & Highly Targeted Treatments to

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