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Biopharmaceuticals are special!

Key ingredients for successful development, approval and partnering are promising compounds, tailor made approaches and skilled people with an eye for the essential.


We provide targeted solutions for the development and approval of your products and support your company and people to excel. This is our commitment to excellence. MORE 




Dr. Gabriele Dallmann and Dr. Diane Seimetz, experienced experts with unique agency and industry background


Dr. Gabriele Dallmann
Dr. Gabriele Dallmann
Dr. Diane Seimetz
Dr. Diane Seimetz



As of 1. March 2016: Dr. Michael Pfleiderer, Principal Consultant

Dr. Michael Pfleiderer is an internationally renowned expert in regulatory affairs and development of vaccines. He is a biologist holding a Ph.D. in molecular virology. MORE




Paul Chamberlain, Associate

Paul Chamberlain specialises in the development planning for biopharmaceutical products, including novel molecular entities and biosimilars, and in the presentation of immunogenicity risk assessments to regulatory agencies. MORE


Sabine Kistner, Finance & Administration

Sabine Kistner has more than 20 years of experience in financial management and operation. 


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