Due Diligence and Partnering

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Whether you are looking to acquire, in-license or out-license programs or technology, or enter into a strategic partnership, we’ll help you establish an efficient process for managing this, leveraging our 20+ years of experience.


Our deep scientific understanding and experience in product development and regulatory requirements will ensure targeted support during a diligence process.

Whether you are on the ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ side, our senior team will be able to quickly develop a tailored program that responds specifically to the questions you have or the areas you want to investigate.


We’ll make sure you know what’s at stake


We’ll help you understand the risks, and propose mitigating steps, before you commit to a merger, licensing agreement, or partnership.

Our diligence support also involves manufacturing, research and development sites, and clinical sites–either at a very high or a deeper and more detailed level, depending on your requirements.


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Sharing insights, questioning norms, asking the right questions - we'll never lose sight of what you're striving for. Our insight and expertise will help you bring the most innovative therapies within reach of patients around the world.
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Planning for CBER and EMA success with cell and gene therapy

By Cori Gorman, Ph.D. The fields of cell and gene therapy are enormously promising while

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