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Paving the Way for Cancer Vaccine Success


By Drs Daina Vanags, Cori Gorman and Christian K. Schneider

Breakthroughs with immunotherapy and the mRNA platform are heralding a new dawn for cancer treatment.


Redefining Statistical Significance For Rare Disease Research


By Christian Schneider

Biopharma Excellence recently convened three experts in the world of rare disease in a roundtable


Back to the drawing board: Redefining statistical significance


By Christian K Schneider

A recent panel debate moderated by Christian K. Schneider, head of Biopharma Excellence, explored emerging


Achieving Statistical Significance when Global Patient Populations are Limited


By Christian K Schneider

Highlights of a recent panel debate moderated by Christian K Schneider, head of Biopharma Excellence,


The Right Materials for Success in Bioprinting


By Elena Meurer and Mariya Gromova

Bioprinting has enormous life-changing potential, but it is a complicated field with many regulatory hurdles.


Why Regulatory Convergence is Key to Global Development of Cell and Gene Therapies


By Francesco Lanucara

There is growing excitement about the potential shown by cell and gene therapies, particularly in

We are now Cencora PharmaLex 

PharmaLex is now part of Cencora, a leading global healthcare company with a foundation in pharmaceutical distribution. In 2024 and beyond PharmaLex and all the companies in PharmaLex family will begin a journey to becoming Cencora as well. Cencora brings the companies and services together under one new name. The name will change, but the level of attention and service you receive remains the same.  

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