Science Huddle – Cell & Gene Therapy: Maximizing Commercialization

Enjoy an on-demand event featuring a world class line up of experts and scientific leaders discussing Cell & Gene Therapy: Maximizing Commercialization

With so many exciting advances – particularly in gene therapy now – coming out of the labs, developers need to maximize their commercialization potential through optimized planning.

Event Panel:

Keith Thompson, CBE – Chairman of a Natural Killer (NK) cell therapy company, NK:IO, and advisor to Deep Science Ventures (Investors in Pharma).

Michael May ​ – President & CEO of The Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM)

Sven Kili ​ – CEO at Antion Biosciences, a UK-based Multiplex Cell Engineering company


Event Moderator:

Dr Christian Schneider – Head of Biopharma Excellence and Chief Medical Officer, Biopharma Excellence

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