Rajeswara Pannem

DR. RAjeswara Rao Pannem


Rajeswara Rao Pannem works in different regulatory submissions and project management.

  • Scientific Writer (IND, IMPD)
  • Support of development projects (Communication, Data management)

Rajeswara Rao has worked on various regulatory submission for ATMPs and other first-in-class molecules. He has prepared INDs and IMPDs and has participated in the due diligence process of major biologics portfolios.

Rajeswara Rao is a biologist by training and received his doctoral degree from the University of Gottingen, Germany. After his doctoral studies, he worked as a postdoctoral scientist for over 8 years in Germany, Sweden and Belgium. He worked on various projects with therapeutic potential that were related to liver diseases. Mainly he addressed the contribution of inflammation, fibrosis, cell signaling pathways and tumor suppressor genes in development of liver diseases using transgenic animal models. His work has been published in various scientific journals.

Dr. Pannem received a certificate in regulatory affairs manager for biopharmaceuticals from European Centre for Regulatory Affairs (EUCRAF).