Continuous Progress in Continuous Manufacturing

by David Koziel

As manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals face growing challenges in the development and commercialization of products, advanced technologies, e.g. continuous manufacturing, promise increased process efficiency and economics. In this article, David Koziel gives you an overview over current technical developments and the evolving regulatory environment.

What ATMP developers should know when looking for a CMO

by Elena Meurer

As ATMP start-ups mature, they will face the following challenging decision: whether to develop, test, and manufacture its products in-house or to outsource the activities to a contract manufacturer (CMO). ATMP developers who do not have their own GMP facility or plans to set-up their own plant, will need to look for a CMO. In this article, Elena Meurer provides a comprehensive and structured guide how to select a CMO for the manufacture of ATMPs.