Bacteriophage Therapy

Regulating Bacteriophages: The First Steps into the Post-Antibiotic Era

by Luka Kotrikadze

It was in the year of 1915 when Frederic William Twort published the paper in The Lancet describing the discovery of an infectious agent that causes the lysis of the Staphylococcus hyicus bacteria. This served as the first ever published description of bacteriophages, therapeutic potential of which was only later assumed by Fe´lix d’Herelle. With the advancements into the research soon foregone with the discovery of the antibiotics, nowadays, with the increasing attention towards the antimicrobial resistances, the bacteriophage therapy is slowly stepping into the light of its come back. You can read about the current regulatory and product associated issues of bacteriophages, and the industry standpoint in the article by Luka Kotrikadze.