Hot Summer Topics from Biopharma Excellence

Not even the record high heats ever detected in Europe will scorch our fiery passion towards biopharmaceuticals. Biopharma Excellence has taken a full advantage of the summer and our team has been boiling some sweltering updates for you. We hope our current scientific and regulatory news will blaze your mind, sizzle your mood and ignite a flaming discussion on the future of these burning topics.

Also, the Biopharma Excellence Team is growing and has welcomed Karl Heller. The photo above shows us in August 2018. Left to right: Rajeswara Pannem, Luka Kotrikadze, Iris Mayer, Sabine Kistner, Michael Pfleiderer, Elena Meurer, Annegret Vaggelas, Karl Heller, Michael Firgens, Astrid Kremer, Diane Seimetz, Gabriele Dallmann.