Dr. Liron sarid-krebs


Dr. Liron Sarid-Krebs brings more than 10 years of research and project management experience from working in both academia and industry. 

At Biopharma Excellence Liron supports clients with scientific advice procedures and development strategies and interacts with multiple regulatory agencies. She is involved in the preparation of various regulatory submissions such as orphan drugs, IB’s, IMPDs, INDs or environmental risk assessments for genetically modified organisms. Furthermore, she contributes to medical device development programs.

Prior to joining BE, Liron worked as a post-doctoral scientist at the Max Planck Institute (Cologne, Germany), investigating the molecular mechanisms of protein interactions and post-translational regulation. Liron earned her PhD in Genetics under the prestigious IMPRS (International Max Planck Research School) framework and her expertise encompasses methods development, data analysis, and scientific and regulatory writing. She completed her MSc studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, managing a research project on high-throughput chemical screenings for new compounds, and coordinating the research between Israeli and German laboratories. Throughout her many years of academic and industry work, Liron gained experience in developing, managing, and coordinating international research projects. Her publications have been widely cited and were granted several international awards, including the best paper award (first place), and best presentation award, recognizing her performance and delivery skills. Additionally, she won several competitive scholarships and research grants for excelling students during her bachelor, master and doctorate studies.