Josefin-Beate (Josi) Holz

Clinical specialist

Dr. Holz received her training in medical oncology from the University of Marburg (Germany) and has 20 years experience in pharmaceutical drug development in Europe and in North America.


  • Clinical specialist with substantial experience of biopharmaceutical development in small, medium and large companies
  • Portfolio experience covers more than 50 disease targets in oncology, inflammation, infectious diseases, immunology, haematology, bone disorders and dermatology in various stages of clinical validation.
  • Leadership of development teams from lead candidate selection through pre-clinical, early- and late-stage clinical development
  • Cross-company management of collaborative ventures, including partnerships with major Pharma enterprises in Europe and North America
  • Identification of clinical target profile for novel molecular entities
  • Transition from successful start-up to public listed company
  • Direct involvement in company financing initiatives


  • Clinically-driven stage-gate planning for biopharmaceutical development
  • Portfolio analysis and valuation
  • Project appraisal for in-licensing and partnering opportunities
  • De-risking accelerated product development
  • Analysis and corrective oversight of potential road-blocks in clinical development
  • Advice on successful management of inter-company collaborative projects
  • Feasibility assessment of alternative development pathways relative to commercial / competitive environment
  • Managing the regulatory interface for biopharmaceutical products
  • Executive managerial positions in international Biotech companies (Ablynx NV, GPC-Biotech, U3 Pharma) and Pharma organisations (Gilead Sciences, Bristol-Myers Squibb, OSI Pharmaceuticals, LEO Pharma)

Josi served as medical advisor for the European Commission and is member of various medical associations such as ASCO, ESMO and EULAR. Josi has published various articles, patents, gives invited talks and conference presentations on aspects of integrated drug development and translational research of biological medicinal products.